Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

This one is the only product from the 3-step skin care system that I actually like. I even used it to revived dried up cream eyeliner, read about it here.

There are lotion version of this moisturiser and I'd tried from sample given during Clinique workshop last year. I find Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion or DDML is too heavy for my oily. It simply doesn't "sink" into my skin and leave a layer of film that make me feel suffocated. Whenever I used DDML, I'll blot the excess and then only I proceed to other step.

When I bought the full size product, I got the gel version, DDM Gel. It look very similar to original version, the packaging, the product color, even the scent. It come it a bottle with a very awesome pump. I find it is very easy to control how much product to take out with this pump. From a tiny dot to a full pump. The pump comes with a cap instead of lock mechanism that is used for the facial soap.The texture of this DDM Gel is incredibly light. So light that at times, I thought 1 pump is not enough. Actually 1 pump is adequate for the whole face. The main ingredient includes dimethicone (silicone oil) that gives it the smooth slippery feel of silicon based facial primer. With much lighter texture and oil-free formula, this product works great for my combination/oily skin and in humid weather.

Once applied, this product "sink" right into my skin, making it feel hydrated and smoother. The product works well as day moisturiser, but too light as night cream. Besides working as facial moisturiser, I find it also work great as a quick fix to dry hair. I simply apply it on damp hair like leave-on conditioner. I also applied it on my lips as quick fix to chapped lips, it works like magic for that purpose.

Reapplying the product few times doesn't make it feel heavy, it simply "sink" onto my skin. The formulation doesn't cause my skin to break out. It also doesn't caused clogged pores (it's something else that clogged my pores last time).

Despite the name, there's nothing dramatic about this product. It is just a very good moisturiser. Nothing more, nothing less. It come close at being a HG item, but doesn't make it.

Eventho the initial cost during purchase quite high, RM150 for 125ml, it last a very long time, I used it since October 2010 and I still left with about 1/4 in the bottle.

Would I repurchase? Of course! it works and a bottle last a long time. A perfect day moisturiser for my combo/oily skin

Would I recommend it? If you have combination/oily skin, or simply live in a very humid place, give this product a try.

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