Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100th Post! - a Swap and an Award

100th post! Wow, that's surely a milestone for me =) Since it's kinda a special, I like to post something special this time. First would be an awesome swap with Aisyah. Thanks Aisyah for the awesome product you put in the parcel, I'm head over heels with the nail polishes and I'm totally digging into the NYX cream blusher. I'm sorry that I forget to put a note together with my parcel, I'm too excited to send the stuffs out. LOL. I hope there's something you like in the parcel I sent you.
Next is an award. I received the award from Aisyah, the very same person I done the swap above with. I really appreciate the award as I take it as an acknowledgment to my effort to write a good makeup blog. I'm still far from being an awesome blogger, but I'm trying my best to deliver good post. I might not have DSLR to take swatches picture, but I promise to use all the potential my digital camera have. My English far from perfect, don't worry, I'll check the dictionary time to time and I believe I'll improve over time. Most importantly, I'll eat more carrot so I can see color better and hopefully I would end up with better color description next time. LOL.

Back to the receive the award, first, I like to thank Aisyah, remember to check out her blog here.

Next, I like to pass this award to
  1. Can I pass the award back to Aisyah? Heck, I'll pass it back to her anyway since she deserved it very well. Why? She's a very supportive fellow blogger with comments that boost your 'semangat'/willpower to blog. hehe.
  2. Miss Syukur of - Another sweet fellow blogger. She have awesome tips and tutorial in her blog, definitely go and check it out.
  3. Julie of -she's a very sweet beauty blogger with kind heart and awesome cooking and baking skill. Oh, and she create awesome smokey eye look too!
  4. Gaby of - Her blog inspire me to finish up products, which is a good thing. I spend less when I actually use stuffs that I already have.
  5. Next is Yen of - I'm not sure I had told her this already or not, but I had read her blog cover to cover, and her dad's blog too! I recommend everyone to pay a visit to her father blog and take some wisdow from a very wise man.
  6. Stavroula of - Her blog inspired me to become more OCD with my own. She have good tips for beauty blogger on how to make your blog awesome.
  7. Ria of - Her blog name is "Serious stuff about lif...oooh shiny!!" Do I need to say more?
Lastly, I need to share 7 things about myself, I give a try, here it goes
  1. I adopt the name Pepper as my blogger alter ego because I'm a huge fan of Beatles. They have this one album, IMO one of the best album in the entire history, named Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
  2. If one day I'm told that I must live my whole life with one pair of shoes only, I will definitely pick Converse Chuck Taylor.
  3. I'm a big fan of witty slogan t-shirt. I have quite a few with slogans like "I *heart* NERD", "Yes, I wore this shirt yesterday (with recycle symbols all over)", and the most controversial "OK, Look, but don't touch the twin".
  4. I grow bacteria, papaya and fungi for my study.
  5. One day, I like to go to Japan and marry meet Atsushi Sakurai *kyaa~*
  6. My favourite Starbucks drink is Green Tea Frappucino with whip cream. *Yummy yummy~*
  7. I love blogging! Well, I bet you can see that already *grin*
Lastly, I like to share this picture with you all as I find it as great reminder to be grateful of what I already have.

Source here.


lady_flower123 said...

Congratulations ;)
100 post :)

xoxo ;*

birminghamlady said...

awww, congrats on your 100th post! :P
It was lovely finding more about you: I absolutely love the Beatles too so yaaay, I'm a Beatles geek :D

CookingChinchillas said...

Hi dear!
Congratulations !!! 100 Posties <3
May you write many many more posts.

Thank you for the award hun,that's so sweet.

Now with the new puppy and a lot of work related obligations I won't be able to do the award tag for now.
BUT I have put all tags that need to be done on a to-do list,so once February is over I will be able to do them.


And thanks for your sweet comments !

aisyah De Cullen said...

Hi pepper! glad you like them..^^ Now that I think of it, I should have put more..>__<..but lets wait till I get myself a job..hehe
I always thought the Pepper nickname came from Sarawak itself bcz whenever people mention Sarawak, I always thought of those pepper sweets that are popular there..^^
I love your blog n I don't feel obligated to comment at all..=D so yeaahh.. keep up the good work!

Pepper said...

@lady_flower123 - Thanks =)

@birminghamlady - I read your post about Jane Asher, she's lovely. Yay for Beatles Geek! I can't wait for the days when I can afford collecting Beatles album. I have no physical albums, just mp3s and youtube. lol

@Julie - Thanks! Take your time. It's ok if you don't do the tag. ^_^

@Aisyah - Hehe, you put more than enough. I truly adore the nail polishes. I never thought my blogging name would relate to Sarawak, but somehow, I think I'm too slow for not noticing it. LOL

With Love, Elle said...

i love beetles too! its been a hard's day night~

xoxo elle

Pepper said...

@Elle - Feels like going to karaoke for Beatles~

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