Sunday, February 20, 2011

FOTD: No Brushes (almost), No Foundation, Neutral Eyes and Red Lips

I was wondering, can I do a look without using brushes? Actually I can. The only brushes I used are the one from ELF Eyebrow Kit to fill in my brow and mascara wand.
Other than that, I apply concealer, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer and highlighter using my fingers. Handy indeed (pun intended).
Pardon me, but I skip foundation for this look. There you go, all the blemishes on my face with all its glory.
Obviously, the eye makeup are very imprecise, but it would do if I'm in a pinch. You know like forget to bring brushes during travel or something.


aisyah De Cullen said...

That lipstick looks really good on you! =D How do you apply bronzer without a brush?? haha..I struggle with a bronzer even with a brush, let alone without one..XD

Pepper said...

I used ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Toffee as bronzer, it is less pigmented than the usual bronzer, so tapping it to hollow of the cheek and blending it is possible. I used my index finger. Planning to do a video for this look.

If I used actual bronzer, I think it would be very hard without a brush.

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

even without brushes, u still look polished and pretty! sometimes i don't feel like using brushes too, especially when im in a rush or have to do my makeup in the
ur eyeshadow looks nice too! nobody can tell the difference, brush@ no brush.great job pepper!

Hollie said...

it still looks like you used an eyeshadow brush. that lipstick shade really looks good on you.

alvira said...

I love it ,you are very pretty

Pepper said...

Ladies, thanks a lot for the sweet comments.

@Yana - Yeah, no one gonna srutinize the eyes that close. Hehe.

@Hollie - As long as I stick to neutrals, it would look like that. I was tempted to used the lipstick to lab this morning. LOL.

@Alvira - Thanks ^_^

miss syukur said...

Loving how the lipstick looks on you. I'm going to challenge this on myself too!

hevn said...

Hmm, I thought your eyemake up looks good even without using your brush. Good job!

I usually apply my foundation/BB cream with my fingers, heeehee. Works faster that way and blends just as well :P

Pepper said...

@Ashley - The magic of neutral eyeshadows, they are almost fool-proof, or in my case, bimbo-proof. Hehe.

Yeah, I find BB cream applied easier using fingers. Maybe the warmth helps it spread better.

hevn said...

LOL, does that make me worst than a bimbo? Neutral or not, I have no doubt I can somehow screw it up if there's more than one colour. :P

It does, I do that with my foundation also. I'm just to lazy..

Your comment really cracked me up! WoW widow!!! Ah he's with the good guy, I'm with the baddies. I'm a Blood Elf Disc. priest.

but in our server, the "good guys" are all bullies! I got killed while fishing and I don't go chasing little noobs the way they do.. *whine whine rant rant rollonthefloor whine*

Pepper said...

Wah~ so jahat those people bully you. Let me smack their head. *smack* My bf tried for years to make me play WoW, I just can't. I don't get the game at all. Now, I'm the worse bimbo. LOL

Bimbo, not helpless, just helplessly cute. Hehehe.

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