Sunday, February 20, 2011

Showing some love to products from Asia.

Aisyah question gives me an idea to do this post. As I run around my room like a silly girl gathering products from asian brands, I noticed I only have one for skin care. And that one is given free from Sasa. The last time I remember (it was years ago) using facial skincare product from asian brands was Biore facial wash and facial scrub from Malaysian local brand (sorry, I can't remember which one).

Anyhoo, lets leave the memory lane and come take a lot of what I have in my stash.

Lets start with Daiso. Daiso is basically like a japanese dollar store. Some of the product manufactured in Japan, some in China. In Malaysia, each item cost RM5. Even though the price is cheap, most of the item quality is actually not bad.
Picture (from back to from, left to right):
  • Where else you can get airless pump bottle at RM5 per unit? The quality is good and I think it could last many usage.
  • Oil blotting paper - 300 sheets for RM5 and it works. It's not the best, but I'm contented with this one.
  • Detergent for puff and sponge that clean like no other. I used for my makeup brush leaving it squeaky clean, literally.
  • Facial brush -Who need Clarisonic when you have this from Daiso. Softer than its The Body Shop counterpart.
  • Eyeliner Coat and Eye Brow Coat- Benefit SheLaq dupe for RM5. I actually think it's better than Benefit SheLaq.
From back to front, left to right
  • Nature Republic Tropical Ocean Body Mist (Coconut) - This body mist have pleasant scent of coconut and last quite long for a body mist. I bought this when I still couldn't afford an EDT/EDP. About RM50 for 130ml
  • Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream - I don't actually have a foundation that match my skin properly and this BB cream is closest to it than everything else that I have. This stuff actually work lightening my skin tone and best of all, it doesn't make my skin break out.
  • Silkygirl Blusher (Honeywood) - The blusher that starts my love for anything corally or peachy. Silkygirl is Malaysian brand, used to be known as 'wet and wild', but not related at all to US WetnWild.
  • Sasa Smart White Regenerating Night Cream - I haven't tried this yet. The cream is made in Korea. Cost RM75 for 50ml. I received this free with purchase of CK EDT.
  • Hashmi Kajal - Honestly, the only eyeliner I can pull off is cream eyeliner. But having a kajal to play with is good change. Too bad my oily lid cause this smudge like crazy, even over primer . Made in Pakistan. Cost from RM2 to RM8. I received this from swap with Aisyah (Thanks ^^,).
Now this ladies are some serious hair styling products from Asia. Sassy I believed is Malaysian brand and this styling lotion is da bomb! I have this bottle for almost three years. Why? Because a lil really goes a long way with this goodness. The best thing is, this styling lotion make my hair softer after I wash it off. Sometimes, when my hair is too dry, I just apply this lotion generously and let it overnight. The next morning, I wash it off, and taa-daa! Soft hair!

The can at the bottom is Gatsby Super Hard Set & Keep Spray. Gatsby is from Japanese Mandom Corp. This hair spray is serious stuff. I used this when my hair refused to behave. It really set and keep your hair that if you apply too much, you hair feels hard like stone. Take alil work to wash it off, so I used it sparingly. Other product that I used from Gatsby is the hair rubber. I used it when my super short.

Now, these two are goodness from Indonesia.
  • Ellips Hair Vitamin cost RM4.00++ per blister. It works and it's considerably cheap.
  • Sumber Ayu Lulur Mandi (Body Scrub) cost RM4.30 for 230g. It's cheap, but it works great, leaving my skin smooth after each use. Loving it so much that I ask my mum to send me 6 tubs at one go.

My real love with asian brands is for the nail polishes. In picture above are nail polishes from
  • Two bottles on the left are pasar malam (night market) one made in Thailand. Not bad.
  • Two bottles in the middle are from Elianto, a Malaysian brand. I got this from RM1 a bottle. No complaint.
  • Two bottles on the right are from Etude House, a Korean brand. The cute bottle make my heart squeal in joy when I first saw it.
Now, all these are from The Face Shop, a Korean Brand. Most of this nail polishes I have for over a year and they are still good. Loving these babies.

Ok, I think that is all I got in my collection. Not much, but I admit I have more stuffs from US and UK, especially goodies from ELF and The Body Shop.

I'd shown you mine. Now tell me, what beauty products you have that come from Asia and what you think about it.


aisyah De Cullen said...

=D You actually made a post about it!
Haha, actually when I meant asian brands, I meant stuff from korea and Japan..XXD very narrow-minded I am..but other parts of the asia continent have good products too! I haven't visited Daiso for a while now..would love to check out that facial brush..^^ I only used my fingers and it's no fun! LOL..
I knew you have a lot of west cosmetic brands, that's why I ask about the asian ones..ekeke.. nice idea for a post eh? =D

Pepper said...

@Aisyah - Hehe, I could relate to that. Couldn't help it since Korea and Japan are giants in Asian skincare market.

Definitely go and get the facial brush. It sheds at first, but overall good stuff. I limit the usage to once or twice a week. Too much exfoliation also not good.

Great idea actually!

Julia Natalia said...

Would you like to take part in my birthday exchange? Don't wait! : - will be fun! :)

Pepper said...

@Julia - Thanks for the invite, I would like to join, but I have to decline. We share same birthday month. Hehe.

With Love, Elle said...

i love emily nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo elle
ps: u can see them in my notd posts hehe

Pepper said...

@Elle - Hehe, I can see that you have lots of them. ^_^

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