Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Impression: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Finally! A proper foundation. I'm lucky to purchase Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Golden Beige without going through spree and waiting forever for it to arrive. I got the foundation as preloved from hubby_enny at LYN. About >20% used. I got it for RM18, so no complain. Hehe.

So the one I got is in shade 300 Golden Beige, pretty close to my skintone. The shade does not available at local store. I wish it's a lil bit more yellow. I have very yellow undertone. I used it in my Cyndi Lauper inspired look. I'm totally in awe with the coverage. Applied heavily, it cover all my skin imperfection except for huge pores. Applied thinner, it cover almost all imperfection.

I'd done a simple test and it's confirmed that the formulation is oil-free. It applied matte, but at the end of the day, it look more dewy (because of my oily face). So, I think that's cool since most of the time I end up looking like frying pan. LOL

I'm gonna test this foundation a lil bit longer, to see if it will cause break out and stuffs.

p/s: I'm thinking of splurging on Konad Stamping Nail Art set, the budget would be lesser than RM100. Of course I have an excuse, it gonna be my birthday. LOL. After all, nail stuffs is not considered as makeup right. XD


hevn said...

RM18? That's a good buy! I'm still deciding between photoready and colour stay T.T and I still can't decide.

Where are you planning to buy your Konad stuffs? I'm looking for some too and Penang seems to have super limited stocks it's driving me mad. The ones on ebay are daylight robberies *sigh*

Pepper said...

@Ashley - I will never choose photoready, my oily skin will turn to discoball using

Colorstay is very matte. So it's a definite winner.

I'm gonna get my Konad stuff at Sungei Wang Plaza at Bukit Bintang. The seller also sell online, here is the link,
The price is cheaper than Ebay and also cheaper compared to official Malaysia Konad Website.

Ayu~Emma said...

I'm using 310 Warm Golden. I think this foundation suits me better than other products.
No complaints.
Kinda weird but gotta include this: when I got a pimple at a time of the month~I would dap a lil on the pimple. the next day, it would disappear .lol.

aisyah De Cullen said...

hey, I always make it an excuse to splurge for my birthday..hehe.. when's yours? =D

reply: =D you're coming to KL soon? But oh maann, I just went home last week so I'd probably stay at Melaka like a good girl this week. I've got so much to do anyway. U__U Maybe some other time perhaps? =D At least, till May! I'd be free after that (finished uni! YAY~!)

Pepper said...

@Ayu~Emma - Maybe I try 310 next time. I think it works shrinking pimples because it absorb the sebum. It's really oil free and really control oil.

@Aisyah - My birthday is on 9th next week.

Maybe we meet up some time later. Hehe. Good luck with your studies. ^_^

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

I love this foundation!! ;) Did you get the one for combination/oily skin? I've heard that this version is more emollient than the one for normal/dry skin, no idea why. I have the normal/dry skin version and it works great for my oily skin, especially when I combine it with Elf face primer ;) x

Pepper said...

@Stavroula - I can see from your blog how much you love the foundation. Yes, I got the one for combination/oily skin. It's not emollient IMO. It's very thick and need to be work on quickly.

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

It's more emollient than the version for normal/dry skin, I didn't mean it's emollient in general lol :) Great foundation nonetheless ;) x

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