Friday, March 18, 2011

Nails and randomness.

My nails

Erin's nails

I'd been slowing down with blogging the past few days. Considering I update my blog pretty frequent (sometimes up to 4 posts a day), I feel awkward about. I have many excuses to why I'm slowing. 1st is the internet connection disruption in Malaysia after the Sendai Earthquake. It was so slow that uploading picture to my Picassa is almost impossible.

2nd is BBC News: Live. I'm practically glued to my laptop screen following update regarding situation in Japan. I register for twitter account to follow Daiichisupport. Why so concern about Japan when there are people still need equal attention in Haiti, Christchurch and many other place? Well, Japan is a country that is close to my heart. The Japanese culture and influence contribute partly to my personal development. I can go on talking about this. But really, I'm not in the mood.

3rd, I'm plain lazy lately. All I want to is sit in front of the laptop and do practically nothing. I really hate the way it is right now. I'm too lazy to come out with another excuse. So this gonna be the end of this post, I hope, I'm more motivated to blog and actually do work. Till then I leave you guys with this pic of cute stray kittens napping in the laundry room. I guess it is warm there, that's why they like it.


kyle said...

haha....lazy friday :)

Pepper said...

very lazy indeed... haha

beauxsmom said...

Yeah I have those days all the time! Love the pic with the kittehs it's so cute

hevn said...

Wooo love the nails!!

p.s: I know what you mean. My connection was so shitty that I couldn't even load google!

carsuzgeo said...

love the red and flower design, it reminds of Christmas :)

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