Monday, March 14, 2011

Asahi (manwomanfilm) plea for donations

Asahi-san (manwomanfilm in YouTube) plea personally for help from everyone. Please watch the video as read the description as she has listed links that you can go for donation. However please remember that fraud donation could happen, so please check the authenticity first, be cautious. There are people out there terrible enough to take advantage of this sad situation.

I would really appreciate it if any reader from Malaysia have to the link or method to legitimately donate sum of money to aid those in Japan. Thanks.

I copied this from the video description box.
Uploaded by manwomanfilm on Mar 12, 2011

I'm trying to collect all the charity sites for the northern japan earthquake in the world.If you know any right infomation, please write them in the comment section or message me.
After I collect more charity info, I will ask you all for the charity. And please tell your friends and family about it on your blog, twitter, facebook etc..
In the comment section, you can't put the beginning of the link. It might work if you remove the first [ http://www ]part.
I will check and update you when I find the solution to put links in the infobox.
I might not be able to update cause of the black-out in Kanto area tonight.I would like to have all your help.!!
Now, Japan needs all your help in the world!


・Lady gaga - Japan Earthquake Relief
・Union Bank!5781182/did-your-donation-really-reach-japan-probably-not
・Txt REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Japan
・For people who has tumblr
・Japan's earthquake: How to help
・Canadian red cross
・British red cross
・German viewers‐groupon
・caritas-international:For your German watchers
・aktion deutschland hilf:Erdbeben Japan
・2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
・Earthquake and Tsunami Response - Japan for Direct Relief International
・Pacifique : séisme et tsunami au Japon -- secours populaire france
・Croce Rossa Italiana
・American Airlines American Red Cross Online Donation Site
・How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options
・google crisis response

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