Thursday, March 3, 2011

Off to KL....again =.=

It's unbelievable how frequent I travel the past few months. Going to KL tomorrow and KK on April. I'm not going to bring laptop during the trip, so no blogging until I'm back to Sarawak, which is on Monday.

I'd reserved some Konad stuffs at Sungei Wang already. Oh my, I can't wait for Saturday. I wanted to try Konading since like forever.

p/s: I got a birthday wish SMS from Clinique. It also instruct me to flash the SMS at The Spring Clinique counter to collect my birthday gift. Awesome! I hope the gift include Moisture Surge. Hehehe.


miss syukur said...

have a safe trip liyana!

hevn said...

Have a good trip!

Xaidiz @ Tethys @ Izzaidi Fikri said...

Any idea when you'll be in Melbourne? ^_^

Pepper said...

@Miss Syukur and Ashley - The trip was good. Exhausted when I'm finally back home in Kuching.

@Zaidi - Why GFC ID so skema? Hehe. Dunno. Don't have money to go to Melbourne.

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