Thursday, March 31, 2011

Luxe - day to nite

Yesterday, before I removed my makeup in the Luxe Fortuna post, I decided to try making the eyes more dramatic while using the exact same palette, calling each Day or Nite look.

Day look objective is to make the eyes look fresh without actually being obvious. While Nite look is sort of screaming for attention.

Since my lid hooded/folded heavily, whenever I do 'Day' or simple look, I would focus all the dark or strong color on the main lid that hidden when I open my eyes. And then, I used color that is quite close to skin color on the crease and blend it upwards. Other than that, eyeliner applied thinly and nothing applied to the lower lashline.

For 'Night' or dramatic look, I bring the dark or strong color higher, above my natural crease. This way, the dark or strong colour would still look obvious even when I close my eyes. Highlight under the brow also applied heavier to balance out with the lid and crease. Eyeliner applied thicker, eyeshadow and mascara also applied to the lower lash line. I'm not sure if I make sense in this post, but this inspire me for a tutorial post later.


miss syukur said...

will wait for the tutorial of this look :)

BeauxsMom said...

Good job love your night look that eyeshadow looks nice on you

Pepper said...

Thanks ladies. Tutorial will posted next week (if I didn't procrastinate. hehehe)

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