Monday, March 21, 2011

First Impression: Stage Cosmetics Eye Liner in Teal Theater 07

  • I can't remember the full price. Will update later. Discounted price, RM12.
  • Packaging is decent. Typical pencil liner.
  • Waxy consistency. A little hard. But works well with small stroke.
  • Once set, it's waterproof and smudge proof. This liner survive thunderstorm!
  • To smudge it, I need to rub really really hard. And it only smudge very lil
  • Nice color variation.

  • The shade leaning toward dark green than teal.
  • Lovely green shade with silver sparkle.

Pretty eyeliner~


wifluvelle said...

beautiful aqua!!! is it really that diff to remove?

xoxo elle

Pepper said...

Elle- it is difficult to remove. I used extra virgin olive oil to remove it. Any oil based makeup remover wouldn't have problem to remove this eyeliner.

aisyah De Cullen said...

The color is very beautiful though! =) Would definitely snatch one in dark brown or chocolate if they have it..^^ Lol-ed at surviving thunderstorm..XD Sounds excellent.. I battle with thunderstorm all the time..hehe

Pepper said...

They do have black and brown. The brown is very dark. I would recommend getting the gold one.

the way i see it said...

hehe, i bought this eyeliner after i read your blog. i love it!!!

Pepper said...

glad that my review helps :)

noor asnijang said...

got mine 2 days ago..stage is having stock clearance..i bought 2 eyeliners for rm20 only..and yeah, this colour is superbly nice..!!

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