Sunday, March 27, 2011

I might as well end the makeup shopping ban...

...even tho May is only about a month away. *Sigh* The thing is I keep on buying stuffs this month. I noticed how ridiculously often I break the self imposed shopping ban. I can't stop myself especially when it come to bargain price! I mean real bargain.

First is the awesome Stage Cosmetics Clearance Sale. I believed Stage Cosmetics gonna change packaging and formulation, even more, most the product were manufactured in 2008. You can read more about Stage sale here.

And then, I went out to watch Sucker Punch yesterday. The movie is perfection! Kanpeki! I couldn't ask for more, not even a sequel. I love any movie that use Bjork, Eurythmic and Queen song. Furthermore, babes with sweet names like Blondie, Amber, and Baby Doll kicking ass like that is really breathtaking. I'm grinning like a fool throughout the movie. Wait. This is not movie review. What I really want to talk about is my second haul from Stage Cosmetics.

And so, I bought another lipstick and a lipgloss, Wonderlust Lipstick in Sarah and Wondergloss in Fortuna. I can't help it. Stage sale assistants are really warm, friendly and nice. They didn't push you to buy anything, let you take sweet time doing swatches and testing textures and in the end, I buy stuffs that she recommend. Good SA is good SA, good for business, bad for my bank account. Nevertheless, I come out from Stage outlet with my happiness bar increase 10%. I wish MAC sale assistants/makeup artist are like that. Am I the only one who think that they are pretty intimidating that I end up running away from MAC counter when I actually have something to buy. LOL.

The thing about Pepper is that, she prefer men perfume better women perfume. I bought Euphoria Intense for Men last February, after using it for few weeks, I decided that I need a female perfume. My femininity starts to rebel against my choice of perfume. The thing is, I loathe most of female perfumes. I'm bored of floral sweet smell. I loathe Escada especially. But I found one that I actually like. At first, the plan is to buy Elizabeth Arden Sunflower EDP for my bestfriend. But the SA suggest me Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Intense Eau de Parfum instead since it got buy 2 for the price of 1 promotion. I gave one to my bestfriend and keep another one. I love love love the scent. Lovely citrus-y opening with lots of green tea. Really refreshing. Even Jerry love the perfume.

I found my HG sunscreen! Other companies take note, Japanese really know how to formulate proper sunscreen, especially for those living in humid weather. I tried Clinique and Banana Boat sunscreen, the oiliness is really a big turn off. After some research online, I decided sunscreen from Biore line. The sunscreen is! I bought Biore UV Daily Care Gel SPF28 PA++ and Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA+++. These sunscreen doesn't feel oily at all, dry to powdery finishes and doesn't feel thick. Awesome! BioZ Natural Insect Repellent Stick bought exclusively for the KK trip next month. It smell pleasant compared to the other option available at Watson. I don't know why, but I bought Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer.

Last Wednesday to Friday was Engineering Week at my uni. Nothing really catch my attention except for Avon stall. The items sold for heavily discounted price.
Everything are RM5 each except for the mascara which is RM10. Cool huh!

I also add more babies to my nail polish collection. Let me tell you this. I love Korean made nail polishes. The quality are great and the price is so affordable.
Elianto Nail Color are sold for RM5.50 in Sabah and Sarawak. It's RM0.50 cheaper at the peninsular. I bought the black nail polish for konading and it work wonderful. But I spilled the whole bottle content that I have to get another one. Oh ya, the clear nail polish are way better that Konad Top Coat. I hate Konad Top Coat. It made the design look dull and it have bubbles trapped.

Wah~ this post is so long~~~~~ I think I should stop here.

So yeah, officially, the makeup shopping ban ends. I'm gonna do something more realistic like fixing budget for makeup or something.


Jennifer said...

awww you aren't alone about breaking the shopping ban! that's why i didn't impose one any longer, :P

aisyah De Cullen said...

I want to visit Avon store..>__<
aah, it's about time you =P Refraining from something sometimes makes you want it more.. moderation is KEY! (lol, this, coming from a person like me, sounds like a joke..ekeke)

Pepper said...

Look like I reach my limit already. It's true, look like moderation is the best option. ^_^

meipinggg said...

hahah, while reading your post. something caught my eye :)

Elianto polishes are actually Malaysian made :D

Pepper said...

Well meipinggg, Elianto is of course Malaysian brand, but the brand sourced their nail polish from Korea. It's shown in the nail polishes label, "Made in Korea"

Pepper said...

Well meipinggg, Elianto is of course Malaysian brand, but the brand sourced their nail polish from Korea. It's shown in the nail polishes label, "Made in Korea"

Jiyuu said...

Suggestion for self-imposed makeup buying ban:
Transfer your money to my bank account, then for sure cannot buy makeup one.

Pepper said...

@Jiyuu- LOL...cara yg agak kejam.

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