Saturday, March 12, 2011

Planning KK trip

I'm going to Kota Kinabalu next month and I'm rather ashamed to admit, tho I'm Sabahan, I never explore Kota Kinabalu. The only part of Kota Kinabalu that I know really well is the Terminal 2 KKIA.

I'd done my homework on which place to go. I planned to go The Green Connection, 1Borneo, Manukan Island (Tunku Abdul Rahman Park), Kinabalu Park and the State Museum. There are this much that Mr. Internet with cooperation of Mr. Google can tell me, there are much more that locals can tell. I like to ask, any of this blog reader from KK, or those that had visited KK, good place to eat for backpackers budget, the taxi rate for short distances (example from Bandaran Berjaya to 1 Borneo) and any advice you can share for those visiting KK for the first time.

I really appreciate any comments from you guys. Big thanks!

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