Monday, March 21, 2011

First Impression: Stage Cosmetics Keep It Clean Brush Cleaner

Since it's "First Impression" post, I'm gonna keep it short. Well, why don't I do this in point form.

  • Price - Very reasonable, RM25 for 190ml (w/o discount). The current promo is buy one free one.
  • Packaging - Simple, no non-sense. Spray nozzle is a big plus.
  • Spray nozzle deposit enough amount of product. It is easy to control too.
  • It actually works really well cleaning my brushes in between usage. After use, my brush clean enough for the next use.
  • My brushes feel softer after being cleaned using this baby.
  • The best thing, this baby is Malaysian product, by Malaysian brand and made in Malaysia. Awesome!
I'm gonna take more time to properly test this product, that would take around 1 month. But so far so good. Those have access to Stage outlets, go and get it while the promotion last, which is until 15th April.

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