Monday, March 7, 2011

Bargain Alert!!!: The Color Institute Premier Glamour Essential Makeup Carry-On

During my trip to KL last week, I paid a visit to my sisters at their part time job and one of them bought me a birthday (after I persuade her XD). She recommend me to get this set since the price is a steal!It include a huge carrying bag.

and a lot of makeup stuffs inside.
There are 9 eyeshadow duo, 2 lipgloss quad, 4 nail polishes and a tube of lipgloss. There are also super tiny sponge tip applicator (not in pic) and lip brush.
And all of it for RM20. Take note of the expiry date tho. I don't mind since the product was not opened or touch before. I will definitely throw it away if it start to smell or look funky.
I got mine from Metrojaya, The Curve, Damansara. I'd tried most of the stuffs, I think it is perfect for office, classes or daily makeup. I'm gonna do a proper review once I had used the products frequent enough.


Ayu~Emma said...

all of those only cost rm20??? @.@ Ok, I want!

Pepper said...

Yeap. Only RM20, there are two variants I think. Go get it! Hehe

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