Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Ways to View My Blog! Dynamic View.

OMG! This is so new and so fun...I love blogspot for this reason. It continually improve and pretty much bimbo-proof.

So the latest 'wooo-aah' from Google is Dynamic View. Basically this introduce 5 new innovative way to view blog. To learn more, click here

Now, to view my blog in any one of the new Dynamic View, just click to any one of the link below.
  • Flipcard: available at
  • Mosaic: available at
  • Sidebar: available at
  • Snapshot: available at
  • Timeslide: available at

    miss syukur said...

    thanks for sharing, will def check this out :)

    Pepper said...

    akak try set blog akak buat camni, confirm best

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