Monday, March 14, 2011

Another 500 Free Hello Kitty Plate from Born Pretty Store.

Remember this plate? It will be available again for free starting from today! To get this, remember to follow the company in Twitter @bornprettystore and tweet this:!/bornprettystore/status/38059573428502528

The coupon code is:BP299

Link to the store and image plate

Remember only 500 available for free.

note: I'm not affiliated to this company, only that I received this free Hello Kitty plate from them few weeks ago and I find the quality is comparable to Konad original plates. So it's a good thing to share.


Lulla said...

is all you have to do is follow them on twitter and tweet that?
im comfused what to do please help thanks

Pepper said...

Hi Lulla,

No, you have to register to Born Pretty Store, and add the image plate to your cart. When you check out, put the coupon to get it for free and remember to choose free shipping. About twitter detail, I'm not sure about it since I got mine when they didn't have that twitter thingy. All i do is register, add the image plate in my cart, check out the image plate and fill in necessary info for shipping. I received a month later since I used free shipping

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

thanks for sharing dear ;D
will check out!

With Love, Elle said...

i got mine!

xoxo elle

Pepper said...

@Sarah - You're welcome. Definitely go and check it out.

@Elle - Great!

hevn said...

Aiks, T.T bf bought me the plate last year and now it's free?
*sobs* I should have waited. lol

but good for you, can't wait to see what else you come up with!

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