Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review and Swatches: ELF Studio Complete Coverage Concealer.

I ordered this concealer on the very week it was first available in ELF website. So, there are no reviews available at that time. While waiting for the concealer to arrive, more and more review of this concealer can be found online, I'm a lil bit disappointed since the reviews are mainly negative review.

The shade that I picked was light. I was actually going for medium, but my friend convince me that light is a better match. She's actually right.

The product come in typical ELF Studio packaging, and a very tiny concealer brush. When it first came, I can see clear drops of moisture on the product surface. This drops of moisture make the concealer become very runny when I first try it on. After sometime, when the top layer been used up, the concealer become a lil bit better. but it is still hard to work with (gonna explain that later).

The palette comes with 4 concealer in different shade. The first two from the left is two light for my skintone, while the other two works okay. However I prefer the one in far right (in picture below) as it have yellow undertone while the second one from the left is a lil too pink for my skintone (I have strong yellow undertone). I'm not that good at describing color/shade. So let the picture below do the talk.

The concealer have weird creamy consistency. I tried a lot of application technique, over the period of two weeks, to make it work.
  • Swiping it on caused the concealer to be extremely streaky
  • Patting it on would make it become very cakey and streaky after 5 minutes you applied it.
  • Stippling is the only way to make it work. I use Everyday Mineral Eye Kabuki brush.
IMO, this concealer coverage is sheer. It work well brightening my under eye dark circles, but not good enough to cover it. It help reducing redness on my cheek and around my nose. But no matter what I do, it would crease around my nose. I tried building the coverage up by layering the concealer, it could be done, however it would start being streaky and cakey.

I tried to use this concealer under and over BB Cream, it didn't work. It become patchy and cakey. Then, I tried apply it after moisturiser and set it with pressed powder (again, I need to stipple the powder on). It looks fine. But I have to control the way I apply pressed powder so that the concealer won't look cakey.

With all the tedious work to make this concealer work, I had facepalm moments when it come to how long this product last. One hour later, the concealer settling into fine lines. 3 hours later, it starts to look cakey. 5 hours later, I removed it altogether and went makeup free for the rest of the day. I tried it again the next day, the very same thing happen again.

As conclusion, not recommend at all and unless the formulation become much better, I would not repurchase this product.

p/s: Noticed that I used the 'cakey' generously in this post? XD


CookingChinchillas said...

Thanks for the review.I am still looking for the perfect concealer.
Have a great day hun

Pepper said...

You're welcome Julie :)
Finding the perfect one can be hard, but I think I have a candidate at the moment. The concealer (NYX Concealer in Jar) is still in testing period, but so far so good.

aisyah De Cullen said...

I hate mine too! They are horrendous!

But I stumbled upon makeup tips on elf website. They said to mix the concealer with eye cream. I found it works better with eye cream than face moisturizer, pepper. less streaky. But it's still not a recommended product though. -3-

Anonymous said...

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