Thursday, January 13, 2011

DIY: CD Palette and Depotting.

There nothing original about this post, you can find all sort of information regarding DIY palette and depotting all over the internet.

I have few CD cases at disposal and I thought, why don't I depot all of my ELF Brightening Eye color quads.

You will need empty CD case, palettes to depot, tweezer, pointed tool, super glue and lighter.
First, remove the middle part of the CD that nest the disk, and now you have your empty palette. To remove the pan for its casing, heat up the bottom of the pan for 20-30 seconds. Long enough to melt the glue. To be on the safe side, I would recommend using candle or hair dryer instead of holding the lighter like I do. Oh ya, remember to remove the palette name sticker at the bottom of the palette first before you started depotting.

Using pointed tool, slip the pointed end in the gap between the pan and the casing, and try to lift the pan out. If the pan won't budge, heat the bottom a lil longer and try again. Next, apply super glue to the bottom of the pan and place it in your DIY palette accordingly. Tilt the palette to see if the pan sticks to palette.

Now repeat as needed. As you can see below, I arranged the eyeshadow according to its quad group and place the name label next to it.
A test to see if all the pan sticks nicely to the palette. One lesson I learn is that to be patient while depotting, don't force the pan out too much. I forced it and I got few eyeshadows cracked and broken.


miss syukur said...

great diy! thanks for posting!

CookingChinchillas said...

I did the same with a DVD to get all my mono eyeshadows in an order.
Great tutorial,thanks for posting

Pepper said...

@miss syukur - hehe, you're welcome

@Julie - Yeah, I love how practical and cheap it is.

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