Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY: Depotting Broken Lipstick (Featuring Rain paperbag XD

If you read this post, you know that my ELF Essential Lipstick in Seductive was broken on its base. It makes applying the lipstick straight from the tube cumbersome. So I end up using lip brush to apply Seductive, and I find that still a lil cumbersome. What I did to fix the problem was depotting the lipstick to a jar.

Depotting the lipstick into jar make application using lip brush much much easier.

You'll need a hair dryer, a clean jar, something to scoop the lipstick out (spatula or any long tool can be used) and of course, a broken lipstick. First, transfer the broken lipstick into the jar and break it down to smaller pieces. Remember to scoop out the rest of the lipstick in the container.

Then, heat up the lipstick using hair dryer. This may take 15 to 20 minutes. When the lipstick melted, stir with your tool (ex.: spatula) and even out the lipstick surface in the jar by picking up the jar about 15cm high and drop it to the table top few times. Once you're satisfied, close the jar and stick the lipstick label to the bottom of the jar.

One thing to take note is not to overheat the lipstick until it boil because it will change the lipstick texture.

I learn this from Koren of Enkore Makeup in YouTube. You can find a lot of DIY tutorial in his channel that are useful in cases like this.


Dαddα said...

great job ;)

Aranza said...

oh i must try this. My daughter broke my MAC Lady GaGa lipstick...I bought a new tube but i havent opened it at all. I did scrape all the pieces into a jar, but i didnt melt it...melting it will make it easier to apply usinfg a lipbrush!

Yen said...

Cool trick! :) New follower on your blog. :D

Ginger Coquine said...

I think this just changed my life. Like, seriously. If I had known this trick before, I would've saved me a lot of money! XD;;
Thank you! ahaha <3

Pepper said...

@Dαddα - Thanks.

@Aranza - Yes, melting the lippy back definitely make using it easier..

@Yen - Thanks ^_^ I just followed your blog too.

@Karine - Hehe, don't you just love the makeup guru that share all their know-how. I love Koren Zander, he's so knowledgeable and very talented.

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