Friday, January 7, 2011

Review and Swatch: L.A. Colors Twisty Lip Gloss Coral Cobbler

This lipgloss comes in a sturdy cute packaging. To use it, twist the bottom of the packaging until the lipgloss come out from the slanted applicator tip. Eventho I prefer slanted tip applicator most of the time, this one just not my favourite, it doesn't apply the lipgloss evenly right away. I think this is because of there's too much holes on the tip. The size is good tho.

The problem with the twist mechanism to get the product to tip is that it tend to twist out too much. Most of the time, I end up wiping the excess off, such a waste in long term. Sometimes, I found some lipgloss stick inside the cap. It could be I twisted the gloss accidentally inside my bag or something.

L.A. Colors website describes this lipgloss as "Hydrate and Volumize your lips with these bright, sheer colors! Leaves lips soft, hydrated & vibrant!". Well, I love the color of this lipgloss, especially when it looks great in picture. Sadly, I'm not fond of the smell and the stickiness. It's sticky, but not moisturising. Boo~ It's not hydrating, my $1 ELF lipgloss works much better than this one. This lipgloss last for few hours before it become unbearably drying and uncomfortable.

Another con of this lipgloss is the fact that everytime I want to put this on, I have exfoliate my lips, if not, it would exaggerate any part that dry. For me, lipgloss should be a quick fix to dry lips. Simply slap it on and problem solve.

Would I repurchase? No.
Would I recommend? No.

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