Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I think its funny that...

I'm glad some of my ELF 50% spree order are out of stock. I think that's weird. Usually I would let out a big sigh, whining and complaining about all day. But not this time. I actually smiled when I found out the brushes and blusher were out of stock. LOL.

I think I know why
  1. I have that kabuki brush already and I rarely use it. Why would I need a back up when I can use a powder brush? Greed~
  2. Why would I need a crease brush when I already have a blending brush that look and work like a crease brush. I'm not a makeup artist or what, 2 blending brush and 2 crease brush is more than enough. Hoarder~
  3. I have 5 blusher that hardly have a dent on them. I have enough variation with that 5 blusher. It's not like I'm working as a secretary or cosmetic sale assistant. Sometimes, I felt guilty having a beauty blog, but not having all makeup brands and color variation.
Reflecting on my spending habit last year, I thought its about time for me to be more rational on how I spend my money, especially on makeup. I'm able to say this because I'm pretty happy with what I have on my vanity table right now. I admit that I have the urge to buy more, but I know what I have right now is all I need.

Still, I have to remind myself so many time that I don't need the UD NAKED palette, I want it! That means, the palette can wait. *heart break*


miss syukur said...

agreed. there's a very fine line between wanting and needing in make up. and in many cases (mine) the line dissapears! sigh

Pepper said...

LOL, last year the line between wanting and needing disappeared altogether for me. Thinking back, it's pretty ugly.

aisyah De Cullen said...

haha..I felt the same way when some of my stuff are OOS as well..XD Well, since we're still studying, spending money on leisurely things like this do make us feel guilty huh? =_= I tried to make up for the guiltiness by studying my best..hee..
Anyway,yep, definitely agree with you! Especially on the brush. I try to buy only one type of brush each..^^ coz yeah, not makeup artist, are we? hehe..
Cheer up soon pepper. Save up on some other parts of your life to make room for what you like. I cook my meals so that I won't have to buy outside is expensive! =_=

Pepper said...

I thank god cafeteria food here is cheap. Good lunch only cost me RM3.50 to RM4.50. I wish I can cook here, but the residential college ban cooking.

one brush for each type would never work for me, I need at least two of the same type of brush, because I deep clean my brushes pretty often, 2 or 3 times a week. But I have to draw a line when I actually have more than enough right now. My ELF brush belt pockets is almost full. LOL.

aisyah De Cullen said...

Oohh...deep clean..I need to do that too! XD But life's a bit hard w/o ELF complexion brush so I mostly just soak it in gentle shampoo and rub/scrub/wash the bristles a bit. put to dry overnight and wala~can be used the next morning! (LOL) ^_^

aaah, the price here is pretty much the same there too then! haha..XD But i'm quite a cheap-skate when it comes to food. My brain would always go like this:
one day's meal~ Rm10..<---one a half day of not buying food, I can buy a lipstick! 0__0

Pepper said...

LOL. You have the same logic with my sister. She would stock up hot dog and rice and eat that for weeks because she think its a waste of money to eat sedap2. I'm on the other enjoy food too much to do that.

Wah~ you inspired me to write post about brushes.

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