Sunday, January 30, 2011

Haul, January Empties and EOTDs

This would be the last makeup haul for me as I'm in self-imposed makeup shopping ban until May. I ordered all this stuffs from several sprees last year and it just arrived this month.I got...
  • ELF Essential Feather Proof Moisturising Lip Liner in Natural Blush
  • Kryolan TV Paint Stick in 4w and V14 (actually someone ordered it through me and back out last week. A bit pissed off about it, but the damages has been done)
  • ELF Studio Blush in Blushing Rose.
  • NYX Concealer in Jar - Medium. I ordered another in Glow, but it's a lil too dark for me, so I swapped it with Aisyah.
  • ELF Studio Cream Eye Liner in Plum Purple.
  • ELF Mineral Blemish Kit
  • ELF Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder in Spice, Toffee and Apricot Beige.

Influenced by Gaby, I decided to this type of post every month. I'm gonna share products that I finished up that months and a lil bit of my thought about the product.

  1. ELF Mineral Blemish Kit sample - This sample is one of my 10 Pan Project item. I used it mainly as facial mask when my face very oily. As replacement, I will used the full sized product from haul above.
  2. ELF Cream Eye Liner Black in sample jar - Alright, the eyeliner in these sample jar are results from my experiments to revive the eyeliner. I still have a lot more in the original jar to use.
  3. Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - Also one of 10 Pan Project Item. A good makeup remover, I had started to use another bottle that I bought last December. I'm considering of not repurchasing this makeup remover as I learn Maybelline is not cruelty free.
  4. ELF Seductive Lipstick - Okay, I cheat for this one. The lipstick was depotted as it was broken, but I used up the left over in the original container.
  5. Color Sense Mineral Eyeshadow - This one not technically empty, but I gonna throw this away since it is already more than 5 years old.
  6. Guardian Wet Wipes - I used this up when I do swatches pictures. Very handy, but most unlikely to repurchase at the moment.
  7. Constance Carroll conditioning Nail Enamel Remover - Another 10 Pan Project Item. This nail remover works well. I have another back up for replacement.
  8. Vaseline Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion in travel pump bottle - I brought this bottle of lotion during my trip to Johor last December, but I hardly used it up. I managed to finish it up this week since my skin unbearably dry. The original bottle still have tonnes of lotions left, so I wouldn't repurchase this any time soon.

Lastly, here are few EOTDs through out this week.


rock-or-not said...

Great haul!
Love your make up!!

electronicfly said...

for the TV paint stick, either of them will suite a NC25? If yes I'll be interested to buy it from you :P

CookingChinchillas said...

The EOTDs are sooo beautiful!Especially number 1,4 and6

Have a great day hun

Pepper said...

@rock-or-not -thanks :)

@electronicfly - V14 is very dark and reddish, more for contouring.
4W is too pink for NC skintone. But I think it would work for NW25 or lighter. I used 4W few times to see whether it works, it look almost like how most BB cream look like on me. For reference, I think I'm between NC 25 and 30.

If you gonna purchase the TV Paint Stick, I would recommend you to get the FS shades. From my research, NC30 usually matched to FS45 (a lil darker). FS38 recommend for medium skintone with yellow undertone. FS36 is darker than FS38.

Pepper said...

@Julie - Aww~ thanks *hug*.

G A B Y said...

Great haul! And congrats on using all of this stuff up (=

Pepper said...

@Gaby - Thanks, I feel good sense of achievement when I document it all.

Barbie said...

Great haul! And good luck on your makeup ban! I know it's hard!

Pepper said...

@Barbie - Thanks. The first months is surprisingly smooth, I haven't break the ban yet *crossing fingers* hopefully I would not need to do it. But I have to admit, it is hard. My wish list growing longer and longer. lol

Jennifer said...

omg the cleansing wipes look sooo familiar to me, it has exactly the same packaging as the ones i'm using :O lol! great job on finishing all these, bravo!

Venus In Virgo said...

very informative,thanks :) Im trying to impose a ban on myself as well, I'm going broke, lol! XOXO

Pepper said...

@Jennifer - I do think we use the same brand of'm a sucker for this wipes.

@Maria - LOL. Makeup, you never feel you had enough.

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