Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kuku Nail Paku - Blue

I used 3 The Face Shop Nail Color purchased from The Face Shop store at the Spring Kuching. Each bottle of 11 ml cost RM5.90, sometimes they are on promotion, costing less than RM4 when I bought them.

Apply two coats of BL605.
My hands are not that steady, that's why the application quite messy.

One coat of WH003 applied to thumb nail, middle and pinky nails.

With and without flash picture to show the glitter effect of WH003.

Extreme close up. Both looks pretty.

Apply BL604 to the tip, like French Manicure.

The finished look with and without flash. My skill still lacking, but I'm still loving how it look like. I love the color combination. I messed it up a bit when I clean up the mess. Wait, is that a pun?

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The white cabbage said...

I like the blu...never seen before !interesting post

visit my blog .....become my follower..I'll do back

ciao ave

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