Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream

Product Description:
It contains natural Vitamin E. Non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.


•Enhances the skin elasticity which tones and smoothes out fine wrinkle.
•Soothes and refreshes dry, irritated skin.
•Protects skin against sun and wind.
•Moisturizes and nourishes dry skin.
•Non-greasy and quickly absorbed.
•Helps retain and enhance skin moisture balance.

(RSP: RM14.90)

I was glad to have Yuberactive sending this product for reviewing purpose as I'm in love with the Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam sent previously. To read others review regarding this product, click here.

 The product sent for reviewing weight 28.3 gram and priced RM14.90. Considering on the fact I didn't actually need to used a lot for it to works, this product definitely is a great buy (pppstttt, I'm considering getting a backup soon!).

It comes in jar packaging with screw on lid. However, Organic Aid product seems to be a bit lacking in packaging department. When I first received the product, I noticed some of it leaking to the screw top, and the white cap is a little too flimsy. Since the cream consistency is not that thick, a vacuum pump packaging would work better.
Regarding consistency, this product is quite thick, however not so slippery. The first few time using it, I always end up using too much as this product does not have much slip. After some time, I figured out that the best way to use it is by rubbing tiny amount on my palm and pat in on. It absorbed quickly to non-greasy texture that it feels that my skin almost matte.

One of the immediate effect, like after few hours applying this cream is that, I noticed my skin looks plumper, like raisins soaked in water for too long. Hehe, okay, I might exaggerate a bit, but it does look plumper. It does great moisturizing the skin. However, since I have acne prone/oily skin skin, this moisturizer is a little too emollient for me. Using it during the day would make my face a little oily at the end of the day, so I reserved for night time usage.

I find this moisturizer is great as it is gentle, not much of noticeable scent and light. The last vitamin E facial cream that I used have strong smell and unbearably thick and greasy. Most importantly, this product does not cause break out! Hooray!

So yeah, it works, it's inexpensive and it's easily available. Definitely a keeper in my skin care routine :)

The product was sent for reviewing purpose by Yuberactive, this however does not affect my view of the product.


CookingChinchillas said...

Looks like a great product!Thanks for the review

Pepper said...

Julie, yeap, it's a great product. Just read your Chinchilla wisdom post, it really cheer me up. :)

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