Monday, August 1, 2011


First day of Ramadhan, a couple of hours before sungkey. So far, so good...the only thing is, I don't like feeling so dehydrated.

Again, I'm slowing down with this blog as I find it is hard to be passionate about makeup when you're not wearing them. But really, I have to start posting more regularly.

Regarding my skin condition, it's recovering, but I think it gonna be long before it look decent again. So much acne stains/hyperpigmentation and comedon still there. Acne itself is under control, I have few break outs during time of the month, besides that, no new pimples surfacing. Turn out, the simplest skincare with good supplement is the one that works.

So yeah, I don't know how to end this post. (this makes me want to Monty Phyton, off to Youtube then).

Till next post :)

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