Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam

A long long time ago, I was given a set of The Body Shop set of Vitamin E range. It includes facial cleanser that I adore because it removes waterproof makeup and non-drying. Sadly, it doesn't smell pleasant. The wheatgerm oil is definitely awful. Ever since that day, I'm looking for similar cleanser minus the horrendous smell.
Luckily, I was given a chance to review Organic Aid Vitamin E Facial Foam. After 1 week of usage, I can safely conclude that it's the superior counterpart of the TBS version.

Let's start with the packaging. I adore all the aspect of the packaging design except for the twist cap. I prefer twist cap as I can easily close the lid with one hand. Other than that, I love the tube packaging as it make it easier for me to get the most of the product. The design gives a somewhat professional looks. Not fancy at all and that it's reassuring for me. I like my cosmetics to have nice fancy packaging, but for skin care, the more professional it looks, the better.
It says on the packaging that it is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. Both are big words, but what it means that it tested to not causing blocked pores and comedon is white and black head. While hypo-allergenic means that the product does not contains ingredients that is known to cause allergy. With that properties and moisturising effect, I think this is great for those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.
The product have creamy consistency and I find it is easy to lather, just that it needs more water to lather compared to other facial cleanser. It works great cleaning the face. Rub it on nicely, it could even remove waterproof mascara and foundation! I knew that because I just did that this afternoon.

Since I had stop using any moisturiser to control my acne problem, it's very important to me not to use facial cleanser that strip off natural oil on my skin. This facial cleanser doesn't makes my skin dry which is good and I noticed after 1 week of usage, new acne stops popping and old one are drying up. I hope with prolonged used, this product will help keep acne at bay.

Would I recommend?  Yes. It works for my acne prone skin, so that means it's a great product.

Would I repurchase? This seems to work. I give another 3 weeks before deciding whether it is really a keeper or not. But for now, things look promising.

For more review regarding this product, click here.

Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.


CookingChinchillas said...

This seems to be a nice product .Thanks for the review!
I love the peekaboo picture it's so cute :D

aisyah De Cullen said...

Good review pepper! The vitamin E reminds me of TBS too..XD

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