Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's ready to open

My handmade items online shop is ready to open!!!!!!!! Err, wait, I forgot to include banking, postage and etc details *back to editting*

*few minutes later*

Wait ah~~~ need to edit some more (I should be asleep now, gonna OT tomorrow).

*few hours later*

The internet connection was not good at all after midnight, it was so slow I think garden snails are faster. Hehe.

Anyway, the shop is ready :) Feel free to come and visit. At the moment, I have added three collections, a bunch of brush rolls made from reused fabrics and miscellaneous pouches.

here the 2 collections, Clara and Mabushi~~~ I'd recently made and all ready for sale at the link above.

p/s: LOL, today is Saturday, which means that I open the store a day early.


angel said...

OMG.. i love the brown leopard one.. can u made 1 for sale? haha... the profile picture one also look so nice!!!

Pepper said...

Hi Angel.

The profile picture is bag for my mum, I still have the fabrics for this one.

I agree, the leopard brown one looks nice, sadly the leopard fabric is very limited. It's actually my bf's sister tablecloth. I transform it to bag for the family. The one you saw in the pic is in 18x14x4 inches dimension, I only have enough fabric for 12X10X4 inches dimension.

angel said...

tablecloth? haha

then how much will the 12X10X4 inches cost? And it mix with the brown colour.. the brow cloth is fabric or what?

angel said...!/photo.php?fbid=207181722665209&set=a.207181552665226.67440.206754632707918&type=1&theater

This one i mean! it's beige colour? that fabric too?

Pepper said...

It's more to light brown color. I still have that :)

12X10X4 inches cost RM35. If you confirm order, I can start make it ASAP and have it send next week tuesday or wednesday.

angel said...

i mean the light brown colour part is Pu leather or fabric?

Pepper said...

Sorry, I forget to answer that one. It's very thick fabric.

angel said...

Rm35 include postage? this one is slightly expensive than other collection? the handle how long? and include a magnet button to close the bag or not? =)

Pepper said...

Similar bag in other collection cost around RM40 excluding postage :) You're in Kuching right? If so, RM35 includes poslaju since if you confirm this order, you gonna be my first customer.

I'll used zipper closure for this design, just like the one in Clara Collection

It would include 2 side pockets, and you can choose 2 or 4 pockets in main compartment

I just noticed I run out of material, so I need at most, one week time after payment to complete the order.

angel said...

i dont want zipper closure... can change to other? 4 pocket in main compartment will be nice. inside no zipper compartment?

Pepper said...

Since the shop is new, I only have zipper and velcro. For velcro enclosure, I will either attached velcro to the lining (inside) or make a flap, you can see example in Mabushi~~~ Tote bag. Or, you can choose to make it w/o main compartment closure.

If you want to add zipper to the 4 pockets, the total price would RM32. Minus RM1 if only for 2 pockets

angel said...

actually i want smt like this

or this also ok

If all no zipper how much? Rm30? lol

Pepper said...

I don't have magnetic closure, but I can do the button one.

I'm sorry, I miscalculate just now. It's actually, If you add zipper to 4 pocket, the total would be RM37. 2 pocket RM36. No zipper for the pocket and button closure would be RM35.

angel said...

Rm35 include pos laju ho. K.. i consider a while as now i'm still working and will be busy soon. let u know by tonight or tomorrow ok?

Pepper said...

Sure :)

aisyah De Cullen said...

wow! Pepper! congratulations on the opening of your shop. Those seriously looks awesome. I'll spread the words around ^^

Pepper said...

Thanks Aisyah :)

CookingChinchillas said...

Yaaay! Congratulations doll,I wish you all the best of Luck and Success with your own shop.Once my savings recovered a bit,I shall shop :)

Good Luck Hun!!

hevn said...

Congrats on your online shop!!

I love the fact they have names; Clara and Mabushi.

Good luck and all the best with it!

Venus In Virgo said...

Those are great! Will check them out.I invite yo to join my giveaway challenge for a chance to win a Hold Me Bag Cosmetic & Brush Organizer. Yo can see the video by clicking the win this image on my side bar. Good luck! XOXO

Pepper said...

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments :)

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