Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sewing Project Update.

This is so not makeup related, but I still want to post it here. :D

So let's start with recently mentioned project of reusing material from pink kebaya.

I made two awesome-ly pink brush rolls.

Some cute wristlets. for the plainer fabric, I include the kebaya embroidery.

Larger zippered pouches.

A larger bag. This one takes forever to be done since it was my first time doing large zippered bag with lining. It's quite hard considering I used my own measurements and have no instruction to follow. But it turn out well I made more bags.

This one is not strictly made of the kebaya fabric, but I hand sewn the kebaya embroidery to the fabric. I skip zipper for this one since it look so pretty this simple.

Okay, I admit, I'm addicted with making bags.

The latest patchwork done and transform into a tiny bag.

This sling bag is latest project done. Again, using my own measurement and no instruction to follow, it's not as neat as I want it to to be. But great experience.


Isabel said...

*faint* wish i could sew like you!

CookingChinchillas said...

*faints right next to Isabel*
You are a genius! Omg!These are really the cutest things I have seen in a while.
WoW WOw!
This talent of yours is amazing my dear!

My sewing machine drowned and a good new one is expensive.'till I get a new one,I have to hand-sew everything

Pepper said...

OMG, you guys make me laugh so much...I join you guys faint also la *faint* hehe

Thanks :)

Julie - My sewing machine is the cheapest of the good one. So basic that sometime I feel like crying when I saw others sewing machine.

a!k0 said...

OMG... I can't faint cause no one can carry me XD you are so awesome!!! I should try this but I am so lazy XD you really butchered the kebaya...hehe


Jiyuu said...

*excited jumping up and down, totally forgetting the three fainted people and trampling all over them*

So loving the first bag, even though its so shockingly pink, I love love love it!

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