Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Update

So yeah, I was away at JB for 5 days and when I'm finally home, I was, wait, I'm still busy with sewing during my free time, thus, the lack of new posts for this blog.

As mentioned, I'm busy sewing. I bought a lot of sewing materials while I was at JB which was largely sponsored by my bf mum (I seriously think she pampered me way too much). Lots of new fabrics and stuffs. Current project was recycling beautiful fabric from kebaya that I don't wear any longer. Almost done with project, maybe I should call the collective outcome as 'The Pink Kebaya Collection'. LOL. That sounds misleading.

I think most of this blog frequent reader aware of the acne problem I'm facing for the past few months. I was considering of trying out treatment taken orally such antibiotic or contraceptive, but I decided to start with something less drastic, which is dietary supplement. I started taking cod liver oil and GNC Women's Ultra Mega Dietary Supplement. I was totally impressed on how much the acne problem improved. The pimples are reducing, less bumps on my cheeks and a lot of the acne are healing well. I hope within a couple of months, my skin would be good again.

Next Monday, I would be off to KK and on Sunday I'll be going to the Rainforest World Music Festival. It would be the fourth year joining the festival. Anyone going to the festival on Sunday? Maybe we can meet up after the workshops :)


CookingChinchillas said...

Yay,welcome back :)
Sewing projects are always nice.
Cod liver oil is really good for the skin.My Mother used to give me a spoonful every midday after lunch during my childhood.It is way better in pill-form *lol*

Pepper said...

Yay! Gosh, I miss you, I read your blog, but always fail to leave comments...should try harder not to be too lazy. Hehe.

I think I'm more to pill person. I can take as much pill as needed, but syrup-y medicine or supplements always turn me off. It's weird because usually it's the opposite. But with cod liver oil, it always better in pill form :) I can't stand the smell.

hevn said...

Yay good to hear about your skin and can't wait to see the bags you come up with :D

miss syukur said...

sewing can be addictive rite? i remembered when i discovered beading after spm and before i knew it i beaded so many things! but now i just buy :)

Pepper said...

Ash - Will post update on that in few days. I'm glad my skin starts to behave.

Akak - Sgt addictive. I used to be crazy about beads to during primary school. I'm still crazy about DIY stuffs till these days :)

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