Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner

Product Description:
The new MAX FACTOR Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner is a modern day eye liner with an edge; incorporating the easy application of an eye pencil and the smooth and lasting effects of a liquid eye liner. You can effortlessly create any number of looks from the striking shades of Lilac, green, purple, silver, brown and black, whether you’re going for something simple, exaggerated or bold.

As one of the items in the MAX FACTOR Eye Effects Collection, the MAX FACTOR Liquid Eye Effect Pencil Eye Liner will be available in store from July 2011.

(RSP: RM38)

I was given a chance to review this eyeliner from Max Factor by Yuberactive. To read others review regarding this product, click here.

Yuberactive sent me the eyeliner in Violet Voltage, a lovely purple shade. At first, I was excited by the product's name 'Liquid Effect Pencil Eye Liner'. I was expecting a pencil eyeliner with opaque and crisp application of liquid eyeliner, but I should now better not to expect too much.
As you can see from the swatch above, the eyeliner is not really opaque even after few layers. The thickest line is the eyeliner smudged with the smudger tip, but it works more like an eraser than a smudger. I think could be because the smudger made of rubbery material instead of something spongy. 

Applying the eyeliner on my lid can be a frustrating business, no matter what I did, it won't apply evenly. Apply it thinly, it looks too sheer. Apply it moderately, it looks uneven. Apply it thickly, it starts to clumps. Yes, the liner become sort of concentrated to some area if it applies in thicker layer. So I gave up and accept the fact in won't applied even on the lid.

How long lasting is it? Well, on my oily lids, it's pretty good. It could last for more than 4-5 hours on good weather, but it will transfer or smudge after 3 hours. Eye primer or eyeliner coat helps minimised the problem.

On hot weather, it smudged badly and at one occasion, the eyeliner color actually bleed, making me look like abuse victim (or like Ashley said, 'eye lid surgery went bad'). LOL. The violet color seeps to the crease and the eyeliner left with black-blue color.

Overall, for me, this eyeliner is just decent. I think it would work better for those with normal or dry lid, and less hot and humid weather could also helps. I keep this eyeliner for daily used and for special occasion, I stick with cream eyeliner.

The product was sent for reviewing purpose by Yuberactive, this however does not affect my view of the product.


hevn said...


Thanks for the reviews, I love eyeliners so this helps me in decision making.

"..making me look like abuse victim" >-- LOL, my first impression was eye lid surgery went bad >.<;;

CookingChinchillas said...

That's a bummer :)

Pepper said...

Hahahaha, Ashley, it does look like that...should include that in the review.

Julie, yeap, too bad since it's a nice shade.

Isabel said...

oh my god.. @_@ why is there a red line there? really looks like eye surgery LOL!!! btw, how come mine (green) and yours so different???? yours is matte? maybe that's why it looks so 'weak'

Pepper said...

The red line I think was the eyeliner color seeps out of the product base, hence the surgery line look. Hehe, yeap, the texture is definitely matte. It could be the reason why it look 'weak'

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