Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: Adidas Happy Game Deodorant Body Spray

Product Description:
Sparkling and fun, with a feminine touch New adidas Happy Game is a fruity floral citrus fragrance that strikes the perfect balance of energy, femininity and sensuality. Fresh and optimistic, the fragrance opens with a modern blend of melon blossom, cranberry and sparkling clementine sorbet. Then, the luminous heart reveals a feminine bouquet of freesia, dewy jasmine and flamboyant flower. And finally, the sweetly sensual trail finishes with lush base notes of blond wood, solar musk and golden amber.

(RSP: RM 16.90 for 75ml)
Didn't the cute pink and green packaging cheer you up? The color combination exudes energy  and fun.

I like the slim design of the bottle as it doesn't take up much space in my bag. It helps to have compact or slim design as girl bags usual fulls of god-knows-what. It amazes me how much girl bring around in their bag (I'm included) when guys are good with their phone and wallet.

To my nose, this deodorant have nice fresh fruity smell. The sillage is pretty low, but last all day long. During current extremely hot weather, body odor control is important. For the past 1 week of usage, I find this product works well as deodorant.

I dunno bout you guys, but at times, I'm terrible at aiming the nozzle that I usually spray the deodorant to my face. But with this product nozzle design, it's practically bimbo-proof. The slanted design helps me knowing where the nozzle spray point thus, no deodorant on the face any longer.

+1 for bimbo proof design. Yay!

Final verdict: I'm not really fond of this product as usually, I prefer scentless deodorant and medium sillage fragrances. But for days your not feeling like being all made up, I think this product is perfect as it works well as deodorant with nice fresh smell.

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Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.

1 comment:

CookingChinchillas said...

I have smelled this a few days ago and it is quite okay.Adidas used to have a great deodorant with a fruity scent a few years ago.I was so bummed when it was discontinued

Have a great weekend hun <3
Take care

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