Friday, August 19, 2011

Flecks first anniversary and special 20% discounts sale :)

Wow, it's almost exactly one year since I first posted in this blog. The first post is "FLECKS started", an introduction for this blog.

Let be poyo for a while. I'm not sure the English word equivalent for 'poyo', but being 'poyo' allow the be a bit cheesy. I think cheesy can be used to describe 'poyo'. First of all, when I first started blogging, I think big. I'm dreaming of becoming a makeup guru. But as I take baby steps as beauty blogger, I started to appreciate the term 'makeup guru' and I also started to see my limitation. I'm dreaming that big because I love makeup. So I guess I decided to avoid the 'makeup guru' path and chooses to remain a makeup lover. Being a makeup lover allow me to be more honest with my blog. Especially when it comes to reviewing products. It also allow to be who I am, a person with limited makeup skill, instead of pretending I know enough to be a makeup artist or something.

But bigger than all that personal wish. I think I achieve my goal with this blog. From blog stats, I can see Flecks popular for those looking for review and swatches pictures. I hope all that helps consumers out there making better choice and stretch the value of their money.

Thanks to my blog followers for making this blog as it is today. Special thanks for special bunch of sweet bloggers that always come and visit me, not to forget leaving all those encouraging comments. You know who you are. I love you guys *huge cyber hug*.

I feel like celebrating but I didn't have time and resource to host a giveaway. So I decided to host a sale for my blog follower. Basically, I decided to give 20% discounts from 19th August to 22nd August 2011 for all item in my handmade shop to my blog follower.

So guys, feel free to visit my shop here. To claim the discount, simply mention you GFC ID/username.

  • This sale only valid from 19th to 22nd August 2011 and restricted for this blog follower.
  • Transaction in MYR
  • Discounted price does not include postage fee
  • Postage delivery limited to Malaysian address


CookingChinchillas said...

Yay one year Flecks! I hope many years are to come my dear!Congratulations sweety!

hevn said...

Congrats on your first anniversary!!! Whee!

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