Sunday, August 14, 2011

All these in one day.

The last post about nail polish is about the NOTD below. My current favourite.
Since I had the nail look for quite some time and the tips started chipping, I tried a different look.

Since plain black a little to harsh, I add glitter polish on top, but it looks weird.
  I removed it all and started again with something neutral. But it looks a lil boring.

So I add purple on top. It looks nice.

But my hand so itchy, I add chunky glitter. It looks childish, so I remove it again.

And apply red nail polish. Still gatal tangan (itchy hand), I taped my nail and add black tip.

By this time, I'm too frustrated and tired. I end up leaving my nail like this even tho I'm still not satisfied.


aisyah De Cullen said...

haha..boredom sumtimes leads to do weird things..XD anyway, I love your fav NOTD. the pink one.. so girly and pretty!

miss syukur said...

i like the last one..kinda bold and the color contrast is nice :)

hevn said...

Moreee.. I miss your nail tutorials :D

hevn said...

I totally agree with you on The Body Shop body butter!

The ones from Boots is better at half the price. Sheesh!

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