Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clarins UV Plus HP & Sunscreen and FDA

It's hard not to like this sunscreen, it is the best sunscreen I'd ever tried, but sadly the most expensive too. It cost around RM158 for 30ml, while my usual Biore Perfect Milk only cost <RM30 for the same volume.

The sample I got is the tinted version as my medium skin is too pigmented for the normal version. I think that is great that Clarins put into consideration of those with medium skin. Everybody knows how sunscreens gives off that undesirable white-cast. This sunscreen do that, but it does it in a good way.
As you can see, the white-cast doesn't look so bad at all, it's definitely tolerable and in overall instantly brightened up my skin.

But what really excites me about this sunscreen is its amazing formula. Unlike Biore Perfect Milk, Clarins UV Plus HP doesn't have alcohol-y smell and not as drying. It's slightly emollient which makes it very easy to apply and spread. But it doesn't makes my skin oily at the end of the day.

p/s:If you read the current FDA rules about sunscreen label, there's something about manufacturer would not be allowed to make sunscreen with SPF higher than SPF 50, because more than 50, the UVB protection is not much greater than SPF 50. So if you got sunscreen with SPF 85, the protection it gives is not much different with SPF 50.

There also a rule regarding the claim being waterproof and water-resistant, FDA if I'm not mistaken gonna ban companies from doing that claim because no sunscreen really actually do that. Most sunscreen is not effective after 2 hours plus and while swimming or sweating, I bet it gonna be rub off or coming off.

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