Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad blogger!!!

Sorry, I'd been neglecting this blog for the longest time ever! More than two weeks...that's really long. Actually, I'm totally uninspired lately. I hardly put on makeup and I haven't bought new makeup for the longest time. I have quite a few drafts halfway done, but I could never actually finish writing it up.

So that supposed to be unannounced hiatus, and I hope it ends with this post. During the hiatus, I've been busy with new hobby. I bought a sewing machine (I always wanted one) and been quite productive. I'd make quite a lot of stuffs and might need to sell it away as I made too many! Sewing is addictive.

My skin condition is still not so good, the redness is getting worse but the acne itself seems to calm down a little. I hope that aspirin mask actually work. I can't wait for it to get better so that I can start using blusher being afraid of highlighting redness on me cheeks.


aisyah De Cullen said...

uh oh.. I've been thinking where in the whole wide are you! And here is a post..XD I wanna see the things that you've been sewing! =D I can't sew even if my life depends on it..>__< welcome back!

Isabel said...

SAME! I wanna see what you've been sewing xD

hevn said...

Good to take up a hobby, people like me can't even sew on a button without supervision (seriously)

Don't stress about the face, the more you stress, the more they'll hand around.

I do have a 'solution' to your acne problem but it's a little.. controversial. Just email me if you're interested if not, then just drink more water and head to bed early (as if you didn't know that XD)

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