Monday, December 5, 2011

Showing some love to the sewing machine.

The thing about Brother LS2160 sewing machine is that it is a loud machine. So I couldn't figure when is the good time to oil the machine based on the time since it is always noisy.

 Dear LS2160 and Singer oil.

 The sewing machine light bulb was burnt and I haven't replace it. If I got extra cash, I might want to replace this with LED light.

 The best tool to clean up the lint is lip brush! small enough to go through every small nook and corners.

Since I'm gonna start making a dress within this week. I clean up the lint and oil the machine. After that, I sew a leftover fabric to remove excess oil and boy, the machine run so smooth! Maybe I should do this more often.


Peter.J said...

You should oil ur machine 1-2 times per month. You can also post your sewing stories on my site, sewing machine reviews, if you want.

Pepper said...

Thanks for the advice :)

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