Friday, December 2, 2011

I want to make a petticoat so much...

That I can't wait until I got some tulle/crinoline fabric. I end up salvaging fabric from BLEACH's Shinigami costumes I made years ago.
Finding the fabric large enough for use in the whole stash bag.

Attaching two panels about 9inches width each, length is not measured, but it is about 4-5inches larger than my hip measurement.

The whole stretch of the two panel sewn lengthwise.

Add another panel about 6 inches width, the same length with the previous two panel. This panel using thinner fabric as this is where the elastic waist band will be attached.

cutting strips of fabric about 7inches wide to make ruffles.

How to make the ruffles. Hand stitch along the fabric length and pull to gather.

White ruffles. This one is about 3 inches wide.

The ruffles sewn to the panels.

Just to show what petticoat do.
(The skirt in this pic is not suitable to be worn with petticoat. Petticoat works better with fuller or circle skirt)

before petticoat,

after petticoat.

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