Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making toile.

I'm planning to make a 50's inspired dress, which means fitted bodice and full circle skirt. This particular shape I find very flattering to any body shape.Of course it's not gonna look like anything like the Christian Dior work of art up there. But the general silhouette is pretty much the same. In few years, maybe I would be able to recreate something like CD satin dress, in few more years. More technique shall be acquire to make this kind of masterpiece. Anyway, today I finally learn to make French seams. It's a simple technique, but a winner in making the dress inside looks awesome.

Enough on the CD dress, back to the toile. I made the whole thing from RM3/metre fabric. Since it's only the bodice that's need to be fitted, I simply attached a circle skirt I made before this to complete the whole dress. Hooray for smart idea.
The toile needs quite a lot of alterations, which means a lot of modifications needed to be done with the flat pattern. The most important modification is at the back since the back bodice was so boxy. I fix that by increasing the dart intake. But it doesn't work. So I stitch the back bodice along the centre tapering towards the neckline, and voila, issue resolved.
More pic to show how fitted it was.
For the front bodice, I divided it into two panel. The whole bodice except the tummy part, and the tummy part. At first, the tummy part was a little low for the design in my head. It was about an inch too long. So I redo the part and finally the tummy part starts right where I want it, right under the bust. I replace the bust dart with gathers to eliminate stich at the bust area.

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