Friday, December 2, 2011

FOTD: Nabilla's Wedding.

Went to a coursemate's wedding last weekend at Kampung Matang Baru. Since I'd stop wearing makeup daily, this is the chance to start putting my makeup and brushes to use.
I was planning to put on simple makeup, just enough to cover pimples and hyperpigmentation infesting my cheeks. So I did tried the makeup to see if it works the night before. It seems fine, so I repeat it for the day itself.

Having a nude lipstick is not only good for pairing with dark smokey eyes, it's also good to tone any lipstick that is too bright. Blush, bronzer and highlighter was barely there, just enough to counter the foundation that makes me look pale.

Grooming my brows like crazy, but it still looks the same. LOL. It's hard to find the balance between bushy and full brows. Furthermore, I'm not into cutting the brows.

The kebaya that serves me well for the past two years. Been wearing it to few weddings and hari rayas.

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