Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: The Max Bold Curves Marcara by RIMMEL

Product Description:
Be bold. Be beautiful, with lashes that boast exponential volume and lift … instantly! Giving you the most incredible curves… Rimmel introduces The Max Bold Curves Mascara with its biggest curvaceous brush ever! The lashes are pumped up and lifted to new heights: up to 70% more lift and up to 14 times more volume.

The proprietary formula, enriched with collagen and keratin is paired with Rimmel's most curvaceous brush ever. Together they take lashes to stunning new extremes of volume and curve. Lashes are BIG, fat, boldly lifted – and completely free of clumps, of course.

The Max mascara packaging is reinterpreted in eye-catching green with pink printing for The Max Bold Curves Mascara. Like a magic wand that works eye-opening wonders in a few strokes.

The bright green and pink packaging reminds me a lot of Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline. However, the product performance is way~ better than Great Lash. The packaging is typical tube of mascara, nothing fancy except for the bright green tube and neon pink print. There are 8ml of product inside and its suggested retail price is RM35.90.
The brush is typical bristles and curved wands. The wand of this mascara did a great job separating and lifting lashes. The formula is non-waterproof and drier compared to most of the mascaras I tried before. Because it is non-waterproof, it is easy to clean up smudges and easy to remove, you don't need oil based makeup remover. It would be a nightmare tho if end up caught in a rainy weather.

Even tho this is a volumizing mascara, it takes about 3 - 4 layers because you can see much volumizing. But the lashes lifted significantly, even without using eyelash curler.

 (Left: With mascara; Right: Without mascara)

I think this mascara did good job on making my lash look fluttery and fuller. As you can see in the pic, my lashes with mascara looks more obvious and the curl is quite high. I love the wispy ends, but this usually gone if more that 3 coats applied.
Funny enough, this mascara did better job lengthening than volumizing. I think this mascara can be improve by making it more volumizing and waterproof version will be very much appreciated.

For more review regarding this product, click here.

Disclaimer: This product were sent to me free by Yuberactive for review. It is not in any way affect my view of the product.

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