Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue with Chunky Glitter

I messed up with this one since I tried to get more chunky glitter on and I end up with mile thick nail polish. Since it gonna takes forever to dry and I need to start packing up for Bako trip, I'd removed it immediately after the picture taken.

Nail polishes was given by Aisyah, thanks :)


Isabel said...

oh gosh.. usually i take out individual glitters from the bottle to apply instead of piling on the polish, hoping more glitters will come out

aisyah De Cullen said...

I thought the glitters gonna look pretty coz it looks like diamonds in the bottle..XD Anyway, I tried one bottle at home and it did took forever to dry =__= sorry about that!

Rakhshanda said...

Wow it looks great!!

a!k0 said...

Oh I hate glitter nail polish because its so hard to take off but they are pretty tho :D have fun, im jealous cause i havent been to bako yet :P


Pepper said...

Isabel - yeah, I should that instead, but really, it was typical bimbo Pepper moment.

Aisyah - It's okay Aisyah, it's common for chunky glitter nail polish to do that. I love the glow int he dark one, it really glow in the dark! LOL

Rakhshanda - Thanks

a!k0 - Hahaha, yeah, they pretty much pain in the #ss to remove. Oh, you should go to Bako, combing the beach during sunset really makes it worthwhile.

a!k0 said...

Ahhh now you make me regret not bringing my bf there :P

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