Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I decides to rename this blog from FLECKS to FLECKS & GUSSET to reflects the invasion of my interest in sewing into this initially make-up blog.

Why GUSSET? Because gusset is a tiny piece of fabric that added to a garment for better fit and mobility while allow fitted silhouette to be retained. The main reason why I started sewing my own clothes.

I didn't blog much these days because I'm hardly inspired and motivated to write a make-up post. Ideas did pops in my head many times, but I couldn't keep thoughts coherently enough to make a post. I hardly put on makeup aside from sunscreen and some neutral eyeshadows. And sewing take over most of my free time. I think it is only a phase and over time, I'll be going gaga over makeup again.

1 comment:

Isabel said...

I want to ask.. Where do you purchase your fabric? All the fabric I see are so sheer and unsuitable. I only want stretchable material though =/

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