Thursday, November 24, 2011

When you can't sleep at night, make a circle skirt.

Lately, I'm a lil nocturnal, won't be able to sleep at night and the earliest I could go to bed is aroung 3.30am, which is really bad. Hope it would be going away soon.

One instance of the nocturnal hours was spent making a circle skirt. A simple project that somehow require more patience compared to the more complex project.

Sewing the skirt hem feels like forever because it is so long. Kinda tricky because of the hem is from circle pattern.

I worn the circle skirt with a self-made petticoat. I'm pretty pleased with it that I made another one in purple.


Jiyuu said...

Everyone, this is my dear best friend. She is so hebat. Can make circle skirt on a whim. *Beams proudly*

P/S Wipe your mirror lah!

Pepper said...

Hahahaha, ok la. OK la. I wipe la.

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