Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dyeing Frenzy!

My old favourite jean keeps fading and fading till it become almost white. I decided to give it a bit lift up by dyeing it with color.

My friend choose this nice turqoiuse. I didn't follow the instruction word by word since I don't have a stove in the apartment. So I end up using about 5-6 litres of hot water, add some salt, dye and good stir for 30 minutes.
Bucket of dye.

I decided to throw this shirt as well since it need some color too.

The faded jeans.

Note: If you want to this, DO NOT dye nice clothes. Reserve this activity for clothes that you don't really care. Dyeing like this produce really random outcome.

The shirt after dyeing

The jeans after dying.

The colour turns out well for the jeans and the shirt. There are few patches of uneven color. But this is due to tough stains on the fabric. The color is actually more vibrant than this, but the camera flash wash it out.


Isabel said...

Nice... I wouldn't dare to dye my clothes though.. Unless it's something I KNOW I won't wear anymore lol

Pepper said...

I know! Hehe, I take risk with this one since the outcome can be very random. Luckily it works.

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