Friday, November 25, 2011

Part 1: Making a bag - Choco.

I was given a small piece of leopard print fabric. At first, I was thinking of using it to make hair accessories. After going through my fabric scraps, I decided to use the leopard print as a bag accent.

The awesome bias tape maker! Click here to find out more. The tape done here used to finish up the edges and double up as the bag accent.

The flap and the main body of the bag.

Quilting the main body.

Pinning the flap on to see the general shape.

Line the main body with polka dot fabric and slide in a piece of plastic to make the base firmer

With the sides of the bag and tape sewn on.

The bag is not done yet at this stage. Buttons and more tape will be added on later stage and shoulder strap added.

1 comment:

hevn said...

it must be so cool to be able to make your own accessories, bags and clothes. I'm envious

p.s: Indeed, pimples y u no go awaaaaayyy?!?! *troll face*

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