Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black

Sometimes, price of a product does not reflects the quality that it brings, and this is so true when it comes to this $3 cream eyeliner from ELF Studio line.

It come in a very chic packaging for its price and there a hell lot of product in the pot, 4.7gram. I'm very pleased with that. I'd check back the ELF website few days ago and I found out that they started to sell the eyeliner with an eyeliner brush. What a steal, hopefully the back-up I recently bought comes with the brush.
I've been using this product almost everyday since the day I got it for almost a month. Having oily hooded eyelid often make me abandoned lining my eyes since it gonna smudge like crazy immediately after I put it on. However, ELF cream eyeliner stays put on my lids with minor creasing, transfer and fading for up to 12 hours. Sometimes, I sleep w/o removing my eye makeup, and the eyeliner does smudge, but most of it stays in place. I'm so amazed how long wearing this product is.

Aside for being long wearing, the product is very pigmented and creamy. It is so easy to apply and dry almost immediately. That's a big plus for hooded eyelid.

I noticed that after a month of use, the product starts to dry up in the pot, I could pretty much see gap appearing between the product and the wall of the pot. I think if it too dry for use, few spray of MAC Fix+ could fix the problem. For the mean time, I'm gonna keep the pot upside down to minimize liquid evaporation from the pot.

Considering the drying-up problem, I could give 4/5 for the eyeliner, but putting it to perspective, considering how inexpensive it is, this eyeliner deserve 5/5

Anyway, I think this is my HG eyeliner.

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