Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Haul and Review: Everyday Minerals

I've just recently converted to mineral foundation and god, how I wish I did that earlier. I love the fact that it is so easy and convenient.

So my quest searching for the right shades started with three Everyday Minerals samples namely Buttered Tan, Golden Medium and Beige Neutral. All in intensive formulation. The formulation is not bad at all, it covers minor imperfection on my skin without using concealer. But it's a lil too heavy, so I thought lighter formulation will work better to my liking. Regarding the base shade/colour, Buttered Tan is a bit dark and it make my face skin color look flat. Golden Medium is golden-ish and Beige Neutral is too light for my skin tone, so I combine this two and the combination come close to my skin tone.

After deep discussion with my bestfriend regarding with my skin tone, I'd decided on Olive Medium matte base. Guess what?! It's a perfect match! It make my skin glow that I received quite a few compliment when I have the foundation on. The formulation is just nice for everyday use, not too heavy, not too light, just nice. I still need some concealer to conceal under eye circle and some imperfection. It could last all day (more than 9 hours) provided that I didn't sweat much. Once, I was sweating like I'm in a sauna and I can see my foundation melting from my face.

Intensive Tan concealer is not bad at all as an everyday concealer. I used it as under eye and blemishes concealer. Based on the way I used, it covers the imperfection decently, not perfectly. You can build it up for more coverage. However, building it up would make it appear reddish, which contrast my base color right away. So I have to be light handed with this. Still loving it tho.
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And lastly, I bought the Eye Kabuki Brush from Everyday Minerals, and now it is one of my must-have brush. It's a wonderful brush for concealer application under the eyes and on considerably large area. All brushes from Everyday Minerals are vegan-friendly, meaning that the brush made of synthetic material. I love the handle so much, beautiful bamboo pattern and lovely clear finishes. It's a good brush as the ferrule and the handle connection is firm and I experienced very minor one or two hair shedding after weeks of usage. The brush is also soft and easy too clean.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase, and I'll definitely gonna stock up on the Olive Medium base as it is perfect!

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