Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: ELF Brightening Eye Color (Drama)

In my pajama and playing around with my makeup, I found that ELF Brightening Eye Color (Drama) deserves a review video ASAP. It is such a beautiful quad for dramatic look.

The quad comes with one matte white, 2 sparkly/shimmery grays and 1 a lil shimmery black. Paired with NYX eyeshadow, it could last quite long time, around 6 hours. With hot and humid weather here, slight creasing and fading unavoidable.

With decent brushes, this quad is easy to work with, the shades are buildable and blendable. You can see how nicely pigmented the quad is from the picture above. However, I noticed that this quad won't packed satisfactorily without a base for it to stick to. Without base, the sparkles from the grays easily fall out and it is hard to wipe it off from the cheek without messing up my foundation first.

The quad is awesome for travel as it so lightweight comparing to the Studio line packaging, I think it is because of the type of plastic and the fact that the mirror is way smaller compared to the studio line. It does look cheap tho! lol

Pardon me for the horrible picture, but you can see that the quad is actually an awesome quad!

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