Monday, October 4, 2010

Hauls: L.A. Colors Clinique etc

Metallic Eyeshadow Palette -Mesmerize, Soiree, Tease. Only Soiree really catch my attention. I couldn't make Tease and Mesmerize work for me.
Dual Blush - Pink Mauve/Cranberry. So pigmented that I can't used it. I can't make myself apply blusher lightly.
Liquid Makeup -Tan. Too dark, and pretty much causing oily face
Lipstick - Matte Cranberry Red, Jazzy Red, Luscious Wine. all the shades pretty similar, funky smell but still a good lipstick
Nail Polish Remover. it's cheap and it works
Nail Lacquer - Ruby Slippers, Suede. both are nice shades and easy to apply, dry quite fast and last pretty long w/o base and top coat (about 1.5 weeks).

Clinique 3-step skin care, skin type 3, combination oily to oily. Cleanser - Good, not drying. Toner - Doesn't sting as much as Type 2. Moisturizing gel - Love~ work great for lips!
sample Clinique All About Eyes feels nice when applied, doesn't seem to reduced dark circle or anything.

Maybelline Eyes & Lips Make-up remover. Works wonder!
Lady Speed Stick Deodorant. Works okay
uptownvision All Over Shimmer. Swatch looks good

nail polishes and nail polish remover given by my sister, RDL papaya soap (this soap is bad for your skin!)


Isabel said...

Why do you say that the RDL papaya soap is bad for you?

Pepper said...

the RDL papaya soap stings like crazy when I use it for my face. Even if I used it for body, I have to rinse quickly to make sure it doesn't sting much. I find it to be very harsh, at least to my skin.

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